MultiVersus is compatible with a mouse and keyboard?

In the absence of a controller, you can use a mouse and keyboard to play MultiVersus, but you will experience poor performance.

In MultiVersus, you'll need to be able to react quickly to the action on screen.

The keys don't offer enough precision compared to the controller's thumbsticks.

For MultiVersus on PC, we think a GameCube controller from the Super Smash Bros series is the best input, but you may disagree.

MultiVersus is played with a mouse and keyboard from the right side of the screen. 

Attack - LMB or J, The special -K or RMB, Dodge - L vs MMB, Space - Jump, Attack - Neutral, Special Neutral - I, Evade Neutral - O, Up - West, D - Right, S-down, A - Left, The taunt - T or 1, 2 - Taunt, Three-Taunt, 4 - Taunt, Item H for pick up

Changing your controls is possible by going to the "Settings" menu.

A gear symbol appears on the left side of the main menu. As part of the "Controls" tab, you'll find keyboard and mouse options.

You can also change them while in training mode so you have immediate access to your controls.

A mouse is primarily used to navigate through menus.

A piece of toast can also be given to another player after a set of three rounds, which is a great way to motivate other players in MultiVersus.

Overwatch players can also shout out to each other.

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