Rogue Legacy 2: 7 Tips for Beginners

The procedurally generated areas and their system in Rogue Legacy 2 can make the world seem intimidating.

Even if you get dealt a bad hand, take a gamble that doesn't work out, or feel stuck in the castle, there are many ways to overcome these seemingly impossible challenges.

As a result, it's crucial to try out as many classes as possible, learn their strengths and weaknesses, and experiment with their abilities.

Although Rogue Legacy 2 has many systems that negatively impact you, there are many more that benefit you, allowing you to stack the odds in your favor and improve your chances. By increasing Resolve, damage output, or health, you can make each subsequent run easier.

Before diving into your next run, you should have a basic understanding of your class, as we discussed above. Even if you fall in love with a particular class, you will not always be able to choose it for your heir.

You are presented with a group of heirs after your untimely run ends, allowing you to view their class, attributes, traits, and more. You will naturally choose the heir of your favorite class, but keep an eye on their trait, as that can negatively impact your run.

There's no shame in checking out the House Rules if you are having difficulty progressing in Rogue Legacy 2.

Rogue Legacy 2 is about progressing through the castle, gaining knowledge from previous runs, and applying it to each new run, so taking on every enemy you come across can seem tiresome.

The settings let you adjust the amount of damage and how much health your enemies have, even slow downtime when you aim for a precision weapon like the bow or revolver, and much more.

Learning each enemy's attack patterns can improve your gameplay and even help shorten the time it takes to clear each biome.

It is perfectly ok if you need to use some of these options to speed things up or overcome an obstacle you just cannot seem to overcome in Rogue Legacy 2. The House Rules are in place for a reason, so check them out if you need help!

Each of the six regions in Rogue Legacy 2 is more complex and challenging than the last.

While you can technically get to some of the biomes before you should, we recommend tackling each of them in the correct order your first time through to avoid frustration and confusion. 

If you are deep into a run, low on Resolve, or uninformed about what they do, you will frequently have to choose between two Relics as you work your way through the castle.

Despite the severe risk, we recommend almost always using an unknown Relic to document its effects for future attempts.

Gold is one of the most important aspects of Rogue Legacy 2, as it enables you to buy Manor upgrades, Armor sets, and Runes. We will give examples of some of the best ways to accumulate Gold during a run.

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