Social networks are flooded with complaints about Overwatch 2

Regardless of who measures it, Overwatch is a groundbreaking video game. The truth is that it has served as a historical reference to demonstrate various characteristics and is one of the most iconic titles in the multiplayer genre of first-person shooters.

However, the success that has lasted since 2016 does not guarantee a good sequel (Overwatch 2).

Thousands of people have taken to the internet to air their grievances about Overwatch 2. The aesthetic of Blizzard Entertainment's video game, which was produced and published.

For some months, the California-based startup has been in the eye of the scene's cyclone, and the beta of this new iteration isn't helping to change that.

Recently, every remotely interesting video has gone viral on social networks, which are becoming increasingly unpredictable with each passing day.

Interesting contrast between Overwatch 2 and its precursor has been highly criticized in the video game environment, primarily for repeating a huge portion of its cartography.

The jokes have started to fly, and the prevailing consensus on Overwatch 2 has shifted. The beta in question first appeared at the end of April 2022, and its highest user count occurred on April 29th of that year. Data from Twitch shows this, as well as a steady fall since then.

On Twitch, what once surpassed 60,000 concurrent viewers is now hovering around 4,000, depending on the time of day.

Beyond the most ardent fans of the franchise, who welcome all Overwatch creations, the criticism has continued since its release.

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