The best Fortnite alien skins

From the earliest series of renowned characters to Obi-Wan Kenobi, Fortnite has had some incredible clothes over the years.

Skins are frequently out of this world, whether they are unique designs or collaborations with some of the most recognized IPs and businesses.

Few skins, however, are as beautiful as the alien skins, which have quickly become a fan favorite. Players have had plenty of opportunities to acquire them after an entire season of Fortnite was dedicated to alien invasions.

There is no extraterrestrial more terrifying than the Alien. In February 2021, the xenomorph from the famous 1979 film was added to Fortnite.

While the skin has appeared in the Item Shop before, it has been a long time since players have seen it.

This skin, which isn't alien at all, has a distinct appeal and a huge variety of modification choices.

Players can purchase it from the Item Shop whenever it appears, allowing Bill to appear as human as possible.

Leviathan is a fishbowl with a body on the island, ready to fight. In April 2018, the character makes its Fortnite debut as part of the Space Explorers set.

The Leviathan skin was first featured in Chapter One, Season Three, and is a fish that can easily compete with the greatest in the game.

Gumbo isn't the friendliest alien on the list, having been unlocked alongside an evil laugh and a monstrous loading screen.

This extraterrestrial hails from a universe where he can transform humans into gumballs, chew them up, and store them in his brain or backpack.

Gamora from the Guardians of the Galaxy has arrived in Fortnite, ready to fight for the galaxy.

Thanos' popularity in Fortnite grew so quickly that it was only a matter of time before his adopted daughter joined him. Since Chapter Two of Season Seven, this alien has been fighting hard on the island.

As the principal adversary near the end of Fortnite Chapter Two, the Cube Queen has become one of the most iconic characters in the game's history.

During that chapter of Season 8, players have the choice of unlocking this character in two different fashions.

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