The creators of Hearthstone's Marvel Snap have released a new card game

On Thursday, Marvel, publisher Nuverse, and developer Second Dinner announced Marvel Snap, a new mobile and PC card game.

The game has been in development for four years and has been designed by rethinking some of the standardized elements of other games, such as Hearthstone.

According to the developers, each battle will take about three minutes, and both players will be able to play simultaneously instead of waiting on each other.

As well as a number of new concepts, the game includes the "snap" mechanic, which lets players double down if they feel confident they are winning.

With a history of successful mobile titles and in Chu's case, a history that includes working as a producer on Bungie's early Halo games Second Dinner was founded by former Hearthstone game director Ben Brode and executive producer Hamilton Chu.

When Second Dinner announced its plans to create a Marvel game in 2019, it disclosed that NetEase had raised $30 million.

There were five employees at the time, with plans to expand to 10-15 within the next few years.

The studio currently has 48 employees listed on its website.

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