The Gotham Knights reference characters from the animated series

In the gameplay demo for Gotham Knights, a Redditor spots an interesting connection to a character from the Batman Animated Series.

Fans are delighted to participate on the action role-playing adventure alongside Nightwing, Batgirl, Robin, and Red Hood to serve in the name of justice for Gotham city, which will be revealed during DC FanDome in August 2020.

Gotham Knights will undoubtedly include several references to various components, characters, places, and other facets of the DC Universe in an exciting cooperative experience.

Naturally, when a game based on such a large universe is released, fans are immediately delighted to learn about character cameos and other Easter eggs.

Marvel games and movies, DC games and movies, and even some of Nintendo's ensemble cast-based games like Super Smash Bros. or Mario Kart are gold mines for these small nods to prior work, making fans anxious to unearth all the secrets.

AccidentRelevant4328 notices the name "Daggett" during DC's gameplay demo for Gotham Knights and notices it as a reference.

The showcase, which debuted on May 10th, 2022, showcases a variety of aspects of the game, including character gameplay, version variances, and even the Gotham Knights' crafting and upgrade elements.

The name "Daggett" is, of course, a reference to Roland Daggett, one of the show's adversaries who is ultimately responsible for the creation of the villain "Clayface."

The name appears on a wire fence outside of a factory-like structure that could only be a Daggett Industries site, which is Roland Daggett's pharmaceutical company from the television series

The story of Gotham Knights centres around the game's four main characters, who are tasked with settling Gotham City's lawlessness following the deaths of Bruce Wayne and Commissioner Gordon.

Although it is unknown how Daggett Industries will play a part in this lawlessness, the game is expected to be a thrilling co-operative multiplayer adventure when it arrives later this year.

Players desire bigger, deeper worlds that are more lived-in and vibrant with eclectic individuals and dynamic events, and open-world role-playing games are undoubtedly in the spotlight in contemporary video game production.

The environment of Gotham Knights offers random crime events that players can observe and react to in real time on a 3D holographic map, boosting the stakes and increasing immersion.

While many fans are cautious of ensemble cast-based superhero games and are concerned that Gotham Knights will fall into the trap of attempting to be "too much" at the expense of depth, it appears that WB Games Montréal is working hard to avoid this.

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