Twitter wants the impact of Wordle and Genshin on Q1 2022

Twitter wants the impact of Wordle and Genshin on Q1 2022

Twitter released details of its gaming discourse in the first quarter of 2022.


As one might expect if they focus, Wordle is one of the most talked-about games in the first half of 2022 - behind Genshin's impact.

From Twitter

This is its biggest quarter for gaming, with 800 million tweets about gaming made by 48 million authors during that period. This is 52 percent more than last year and 7 percent more than the previous quarter.

Twitter’s head of global gaming partnerships

Risha Chadha - From blockbuster acquisitions to celebrating the Wordle of the day, the gaming conversation for Q1’22 was the biggest quarter to date.

Gaming conversation on Twitter

"It doesn't matter what happens in the gaming industry, people came to Twitter to talk about it. We can not wait to see what the gaming conversation has to offer throughout this year."

Gaming related tweets

Wordle's Meteor Rise is not surprising, but it's still interesting - it's the only game on the list of the most tweeted games without an official account.

Genshin users

In addition to that and Genshin, users talked about games like Ensemble Stars, Apex Legends, and Final Fantasy XIV.

Industry expands

These numbers will continue to grow; the industry expands and catches more people.

Long-awaited game

The next few years are expected to see big, long-awaited game releases like The Elder Scrolls VI, Grand Theft Auto VI, etc.


Companies like PlayStation promise even more studio acquisitions, which will cause a lot of talk on Twitter and other sites.

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