Vampire survivors: The rare weapons and accessories

Not all weapons are created equal in Vampire Survivors. Developers are aware of this, so some weapons are rarely offered as a choice when getting a new status.

This information should not be new to those playing this game for a long time. Weapons and accessories are given a rare value, ranking between 1 - 100. The lower the numbers, the less likely the item will be delivered.

This rare rating applies to both weapons and accessories. Which of them is very rare for players? The rarity of 1 equals approximately 0.4% chance of receiving the item; the Rare of 100 equals a 3.5% chance.

Gatti Amari was Giovana's starting weapon. It starts incredibly weak, but by the time it reaches level 8, it is capable of filling significant areas of the screen with catfights. The rare rating of 50 gives players a 1.8% chance of getting an item of choice.

This is an excellent all-around weapon. The bone jumps from enemies, walls, and the edge of the screen. As the enemy approaches from all sides, this weapon shows its value.

This odd weapon sends a fast miner towards the enemy. These carts jump off walls and the edge of the screen. The number of these weapons can be increased with the help of Duplicator.

The celestial dusting vessel sends the flow of flowers in the opposite direction of moving. The faster the character's movement speed, the quicker these flowers will fly. The petals of these flowers explode when stopped, sending out X-shaped damaged petals.

The Empty Tome is one of the good tools in this game. There is a simple reason for this: it works on every weapon. This reduces the cooldown time of the supporting character's weapons.

Increase the speed of movement of the Wings character by 10% per level, up to a maximum of + 50%. Moving too slowly is not a problem for most surfaces. Most players prefer accessories that increase the efficiency of their character's weapons or make them harder to kill.

It's always a good surprise when Tiragisu appears on the list when getting a new status. Provides a maximum of two revives for this supporting role. It gives two extra lives. The rarity of 40 offers a 1.46% chance of the item appearing.

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