What to do when sunbreak comes in Monster Hunter Rise

The next Monster Hunter game will add new monsters to the mix as well as new biomes, a new home base, and the new Master Rank quest tier, which will be available in just a few weeks. Based on what has been revealed so far, this expansion was deemed massive by Capcom, and based on what has been showcased so far, it appears to be massive, as there are a lot of exciting new things included in this package.

Although some players will not be able to jump right in, this guide goes over what needs to be done to be ready for Sunbreak and what Monster Hunter Rise players should do to be prepared.

Beat Narwa

When Sunbreak is released, players will not be able to access the new content until the main storyline of Monster Hunter Rise has been concluded. In particular, players must defeat Thunder Serpent Narwa by completing a 7-star Gathering Hub Quest entitled 'Serpent Goddess of Thunder.'

This requires players to complete all Key Lowrank and Highrank quests to unlock the Narwa battle. Beating Narwa is the only requirement in order to start the Sunbreak expansion. The next section will discuss what players should do before the DLC drops on June 30.

Make Lots of Money

Monster Hunter Rise offers many ways to earn money, but the simplest is to take on quests that have a large reward. Playing with others online means that the listed reward money is split between all players who completed the quest, so it is often best to play alone.

In addition, you should occasionally check out the Quest Board and respond to other Join Requests. Even if a quest is almost over, players can still earn rewards in less time. Selling your unwanted items to the merchant is another great way to make money. There are hundreds of random items among the players that are worth a lot of Zenny if they are sold in bulk.

Optional Subquests

By speaking to either of the Maidens, players can accept optional subquests. The game allows players to accept up to five of these, and they are largely easy enough to complete organically as players go on quests. Hunters can earn Kamura Points, Armor Spheres, and more by completing these quests.

Sunbreak's early gear must be upgraded to reach its full potential by getting higher-tier armor spheres. It is important to keep five quests running at once-otherwise, players are missing out on significant rewards. Players can also sell items that they do not need.

Level up Your Buddies

It is unlikely that players will be able to retain the Buddies they used in the base game after Sunbreak arrives, therefore, they should have fully upgraded them to level 50 and be equipped with optimal armor and weapons. The level cap may change with the Sunbreak update, so ensure that the pet you choose is up to date. There may sometimes appear that Palico's and Palamutes don't provide much assistance; however, they can be very valuable when faced with difficult circumstances.

Stock up on Honey

This is a quick tip, but it is a valuable one. Whenever your players are outside, please ensure that they take some water. It can be found everywhere, and Mega Potions can be crafted using Honey and Potions. It is essential to always grab Herbs when spotted so that you may prepare potions. With 10 Mega Potions per hunt, players are prepared for any dangerous scenario, such as taking on Sunbreak's flagship monster, Malzeno.

Switch Skills

There are 3 Switch Skills for each weapon in Monster Hunter Rise, adding a neat trick to any hunter's arsenal. A new feature called Shift Skill Swap has been added to Sunbreak, allowing players to quickly switch between their skills in the middle of battle. Additionally, players will be able to use a Swap Evade move to quickly dodge a monster's attack after switching to a different skill.

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